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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. police have just pulled out of a neighborhood following a 20 hour man hunt for those responsible for the shooting of a undercover police officer. alie rasmuss joins us now with what officers found during their search. >> they found weapons and suspects. five people are now in custody for that officer involved shooting that happened on sunday. meanwhile the officer who was shot is expected to be okay. he was releaseed from the hospital this morning. >> reporter: the tanks were parked in the middle of
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seminary avenue near 17th street. s.w.a.t. team members kept their weapons poised and ready as investigators looked for a gunman in an officer involved shooting. >> we're going to stay out here until we have searched every yard and every residence. >> reporter: by 11:30 this morning five men were in custody. >> the officer was confronted by several individuals. and during a confrontation the officer was shot in the arm. >> reporter: with a two block radius blocked off, residents had limited access to their home for two hours. >> not an inconvenience at all especially under the circumstances. these are really difficult times. >> reporter: this resident says he would like to see more search operations like these. >> it might be a little inconsistent in that it's done when an officer is shot, it's not done enough when others are shot. >> reporter: other residents voiced the same criticism. >> people's mothers and fathers
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are being killed, kids are getting killed and they're not investigating like that. >> the type of people we're dealing with in this particular incident are very dangerous people. okay these are people that are heavily armed, who have the means and the motives to shoot at other people. >> reporter: and as police went house by house searching for the suspect this afternoon they also happened to find multiple illegal guns in some of those homes. although opd would not say specifically how many weapons were recovered. live in oakland, allie rasmus. also in oakland the city council is expected to decide whether to approve a consulting contract tonight for former los angeles police chief william bratton. this is a live look inside the meeting at city council chambers. we have just learned that the meeting room is filled to capacity and is also running a little late because they're trying to figure out where to
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put this overflow crowd. outside demonstrators have also gathered. it could be very contentious tonight. we do have a reporter there and we'll have full coverage this evening on the 10:00 news. gunfire broke out this weekend at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station in san leandro. killing one man and wounding one woman. we talked to some of the victim's family members the message they have for police investigating the case. san jose police say they are looking for two to three men who pulled off a brazen home invasion robbery of an elderly couple. armed men broke into the couple's home on brethart drive just before 7:00 last night. they tied up the 72-year-old man and 76-year-old woman inside. >> they brandished weapons at them. they took several items of
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personal property belonging to those people and they made their get away in the victims car. >> reporter: police are now in the search for a green toyota highlander with license plates sun9360. a jury in santa clara county has found a man guilty of two counts of second degree murder in an accident that left two pedestrians dead. ochoa had an alcohol level more than three time it is legal limit when he hit three seniors that were just out for a park. the incident happened in 2008. two men ages 67 and 71 were both killed. a 73-year-old man was badly injured but survived. google has big plans for the shore area of mountain view. ktvu's robert handa is in
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mountain view now with the impact the growing tech company could have in that neighborhood. >> reporter: google does have big plans but the internet giant has had to scale down some of those plans in order to get support here at mountain view city hall. >> we can't wait to get started on this vision. >> reporter: inside right now a crucial city council study session is going on as google presents its latest vision before a very interested audience of resident and local environmental groups. google wants to expand into the north shore area and show the city how its development will improve. as well as constructing energy efficient buildings. >> they're planning on expanding substantially. adding a lot more staff, building out their infrastructure.
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>> we cannot authorize anything at this time. what we can do is direct staff specifically with regard to matters involving the transportation study. the environmental studies anything involving permits. >> reporter: now i just left the study session and right now a proposed bridge google wants to build over stevens creek continues to raise questions from the council and the mayor says many more questions will be raised before the city can make a final decision. live in mountain view, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. rain is now back in the forecast. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it and he joins us live in the weather center with what to expect. >> rain comes back in the forecast, has an impact on the commute tomorrow. one of the commutes. maybe both. you see this system as it sits offshore. the moisture is not coming from the north it's coming from the south. so this is some tropical system. hence overnight lows are going to be kind of mild. daytime highs are going to be
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in the 60s a warmer weather system. you see a little rain shower activity up here in the area. drizzle comings down. that is the current satellite imagine. the system is currently moistening up the atmosphere, it will come in here, it will bring showers and make an impact on overnight commune hours. we'll like at the five day forecast and show you how warm it's going to get as we move forward into the rain and into the weekend. we are learning more now about a shooting in a texas community college that left three people wounded. authorities now say the shooting at lone star college near houston was the result of a fight. both men involved were injured, one is apparently a student there. tonight they are both in custody. a maintenance man who is caught in the cross fire is hospitalized. students hunkered down in their classroom until police gave the all clear. new security measures will soon be in place in schools in lafayette. the school has decided to install 200 new locks on
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classroom doors. these locks are called columbine locks because they can be locked from the outside to deter intruders and unlocked inside for teachers and students. earlier this month we showed you how classrooms at schools in martinez are already locked during the day. students and teachers can still get out but no one can enter a classroom without being let in. it's all part of that district's new security plan. administrators also plan to install those so called columbine locks. city college of san francisco released its doomsday plan today pointing out what will happen to students if the community system goes under. rob roth is live now in san francisco with the situation facing up to 80,000 students, rob. >> reporter: julie, contained in this lengthy report is city college's worse case scenario. an outline of what could happen if the college loses its
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accreditation and is forced to close. at city college of san francisco, students are worried. worried whether their school will be around much longer. >> kind of just makes it hard coming to school. you don't know if what's going on with the school. >> reporter: city college is prepared to draft a report on how it would handle closing the school if it loses its accreditation this year. >> it is our profound hope that we don't get to that point but it is our duty. >> reporter: students who complete at least 3/4 of their course work would still have to finish their classes at another school but could receive a diploma from city college. still many students say it would be hard to have to commute to a school outside the city. >> you have to catch caltrain, then walk, bus, too much. probably wouldn't finish. >> closure could also mean 1,600 teachers lose their jobs. >> there's a lot of hope and
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also a lot of concern both things are happening at the same time. there's a lot of upset. >> reporter: city college has until march 16 to release a report. >> our students are going to be stuck. we hope not. we're working to make sure that doesn't happen and that will be in large measure what the accreditation commission has to do when we file. >> reporter: when the final meeting is expected in june. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. california state university officials say governor brown's proposed budget leaves them nearly $250 million short in funding for the next academic year. in a meeting today the vice chancellor says $250 million is needed. but the school budget only give it is system $225 million.
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it is unlikely the legislature will approve any more funding? backers of california's ban of same-sex marriage filed their first breech. the lawyers argued that the -- should not interfere. prop eight backers have the legal standing to defend the law because state officials decline to do so. attorneys for the same-sex couples fighting the ban have not yet filed their legal arguments. oral arguments are scheduled for late march. activists across the bay area celebrateded the 30 years since roe versus wade. a group called the raging grannies celebrated the milestone. the women say they will continue to keep abortion legal in the united states. and in san francisco, the group stop patriorchy held their own rally. members say they are concerned
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on what they call an increase on anti abortion restrictions at the state level. groups that oppose abortion are said to have their own rallies in the city on saturday. human rights advocates are pushing state lawmakers to do more to fight human trafficking. representatives from several groups rallied at the state capital. they say despite perception the majority of human trafficking occurring in local communities not overseas. >> it's an american issue, it's a california issue, it's an issue in sacramento, the bay area, los angeles, san diego. >> reporter: in november voters passed prop 35 which increased penalties for human trafficking. a law would allow tapping. deer blamed for thousands of dollars in damages at a senior center. the plans we're hearing about for plans to thin the herd. a man gunned down in the middle of the day outside a b.a.r.t. station.
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>> and then just like that, he is nothing but a memory now. nothing but a memory. >> reporter: the reason his friend says it must have been a case of mistaken identity. w
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two teenagers remain in the hospital tonight after they and two other teens were injured in a drive by shooting in brentwood. ktvu spoke with one of those wounded teens today. he said he and the others were waiting for a ride last night on brenton drive when a car drove by with four men inside. the men reportedly asked one of the teens about his nike cortez shoes before opening fire. >> the bullet went in here came out this side then it hit me in the stomach right here. >> fourteens suffered gunshot
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wounds but all are expected to survive. police say the victims are not gang members. >> today we learned the man of the man gunned down in a hail of gunfire at the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. john sasaki spoke with the victim's family who says this murder victim was full of peace and love. >> reporter: this east bay family has a big hole in their lives. 50-year-old kevin seats was shot and killed in san leandro on saturday afternoon. >> he just had a big heart. very generous. he was dependable, you could always count on him for anything. >> reporter: seats and tammy scotts were domestic partners and he was father to tammy's son who called him dad. it appears that he was just caught in the cross fire between two groups of people who started shooting at each other. >> loved everybody he came across. just you know just a good
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individual that died way too young. and it ain't really -- it's not right. >> reporter: seats was from georgia, served in the army, was a big atlanta falcons fan and worked numerous jobs including driving a delivery truck across the state. >> just a positive role model for the youth. i think that if it was more kens out here to help with the violence or the street violence and the youth it would be a better place. >> reporter: a woman was also hit by gunfire but she wasn't seriously hurt. police have arrested one juvenile and are searching for numerous other people. >> we wish it could have turned out different. maybe if they could have squashed their beef that they had in another way, we would still have our loved one here. >> reporter: after talking with us, seats bay area family clung to each other as they walked away. seats family is scheduled to come in on thursday from georgia and there's a memorial being planned for saturday in
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hayward. in oakland i'm john sasaki. >> our team was tweeting updates as soon as we heard about the shooting and disruption to b.a.r.t. service. make sure you follow us on twitter for breaking news. in san francisco right now arming officers with tasers is the focus of a community meeting. this after suhr asked the city council to arm the officers. two other public meetings will be held before a decision is made. police are hoping surveillance images will help them track down two men who robbed a san francisco bank. this is the imagine released today of one of the suspects in the january 4th robbery on gary boulevard near 24th avenue. one of the men pointed a gun at employees and demanded money while the second stood we the entrance. they say the two then got away in a dark colored vehicle with an undisclosed amount of cash. today repairs got under way
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to repair damage caused when an empty gas tanker hit the fender. the cost will be about $3 million. that's about the same cost as the cosco buson accident 5-1/2 years ago. a fast moving fire is now 50% contained. the becks fire started at 11:30 this morning on highway 29 in kelseyville. crews say the fire is burning in a very steep terrain toward the mount konocti peak. full containment is expected tomorrow. the clouds have been increasing all day. you noticed that so you know the weather pattern is changing
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around. it's been a nice dry run and warm run during the day. that changes as this system movers in. we'll see the full cloud cover out there. we see showers now or light sprinkles showing up out here by point arenas. that system will move in in the next hours. it breaks up the dry pattern and that starts things going. so we crack the doors open for these storms to come in. it gives you an opportunity. that ridge of high pressure wasn't budging. now it's budging so it gives you more opportunities down the road. temperatures down the road are a little mild. a nice milder evening out there in the morning it's not frosty. it's not icy it's just kind of not bad. so as the kids go off to school you head to work. you're not going to be bundled up with hoodies and gloves. temperatures begin to cool a little bit as we go down the way. our first order of business is this weather system. not a big deal. but it's going to come in here
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about late afternoon tomorrow. it'll have a bit of an impact into the late afternoon and evening hours. rainfall accumulations by the model. this doesn't mean this is what's going to happen but you get the idea that it's not a rain producerment that's .18. a light weather system, a light rain accumulation. but when it falls in the afternoon it could have an impact on the late afternoon commute. maybe a little on the thursday morning commute as well. here's where we are right now. the computer model 4:00 a.m. tomorrow you get a look at this. light scattered showers. around 8:00 it's more pronounced. that looks like the main event, between 7:00 and 11:00. you see the cloud cover on thursday. then you see friday it starts to clear out a little bit. but as we head into the weekend you saw the next system out
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over my shoulder so there's another one working its way in. like i say things are starting to move a little bit now. the forecast highs tomorrow despite the clouds despite the sprinkles they are still in the 60s and low 50s. you see the weekend there, that's going to change. now you come back at 10:00 and you see the latest model. saturday and sunday it might go a little bigger than the slight chance. it's opening the door. >> more rain could be coming for the weekend. >> it might be more significant. protesters now inside a packed meeting in oakland where a former police chief is being considered as a consultant. we will update you on the hearing. >> also -- >> right now this is all an empty lot but soon work will begin on a new amphitheater right here on san francisco's embarcadero. the reason it's coming to town. >> those stories and more on tv 36. the deer just won't leave. the controversy over how to
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deal with a growing number of deer damaging a san jose neighborhood. well, well, well.
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a san jose retirement community that is overrun with deer is taking action. deer have been a part of the
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gated villages community in the hills for many years. in 2007 the community rejected a proposal to kill some of those deers with bows and arrows. since then the population has grown to 250. so coming up next week, the deer will be tranquilized and taken outside of the community. when you consider the credibility of the source it's really hard not to believe. the source is tim brown who played with that man, callahan. he was the coach back in 2002 when they went to the super bowl. brown says that callahan sabotaged the raider in that
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super bowl by changing the team's entire game plan just two days before the super bowl game itself. highly unusual, corroborated jerry rice as a matter of fact. why would he do such a thing? well supposedly because he was a close friend with john gruten who coached tampa bay the team that clobbered the raiders on that day. callahan actually hated the raiders says brown. the team that he coached. that was a bad day in raider history. and the maloof brothers have eventually put together a deal that will send the kings to seattle. but if you know anything about johnson he is not easily changed in his opinions. he wants the team to stay in sacramento. he approached supporters with his own plan for the team to
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stay in the capital. >> my goal is to get 13 people to come in at a million dollars. in three days we got 19 people to come in at $1 million. >> there still is hope and as yogi bear said it's not over until it's over. they may remain the sacramento kings after all. long way to go. >> yeah. >> that's the sporting life and you'll be happy to hear the sharks will play tonight. >> we were there last week when protest erupted in a hearing on whether to hire a consultant. we'll have a live update on the city council debate. >> and thank you for trusting ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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